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Meet the Therapists at SALT Wellness Group, PLLC

Updated: Aug 21

S.A.L.T. Wellness Group, PLLC provides high-quality, evidence-based mental health counseling to residents of Colorado. Our team of experienced and diverse therapists offers a wide range of specialties, along with the convenience of telehealth services.

Alex Bodie, BA, MSW intern (she/they)

Children, Individuals, Older Adults Families Communities

Mary Emily Butt, LPCC

Eating Disorders Depression Life Transitions

Tynea Drakeford, MFT-C

Couples & Family Depression Postpartum Depression

Tanisha Humphrey, LCSW-C Couples & Family Planning Emotional Support Needs Incarceration

Sahiti Karumuri, LPCC

Anxiety & Depression Holistic Healing Evidence-Based Approach Mind & Body

Malisa Komolthit, MFT-C

Children & Adolescents Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Mindfulness Narrative Therapy

Courtney Kirschten, LPCC

Anxiety & Depression Phase-of-Life-Adjustments Relationships Trauma

Yagelis Pichardo, LPCC

Anxiety & Depression Couples / Adolescents / LGBTQ+ Generational Trauma

Jose Ramos, LPCC

Dissociative Disorders (DID) Life Transitions Men's Issues

Mary-Eliza St. Gemme-Pate, LPCC

Children Anxiety Emotional Awareness Social Skills

Kenneth Schell, LPCC Enmeshment/Family Conflict /Religious Trauma/Spirituality Sports Performance/Physical Health Depression

Patty Shepard, LPCC

Anger Management Anxiety & Depression Children Behavioral or School Issues

Alyssa Watson, LPCC

Children, Adolescents & Families Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Solution-Focused Therapy Family Systems Therapy

Sara Watson, LPCC

Couples Depression Anxiety Suicidal Ideation

Jennifer Wood, LCSWC

Childhood Trauma Sexual Trauma Teens, Young Adults, Parents

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