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Patty Shepard., LPCC

Patty is a licensed professional counselor candidate. She has a kind and supportive demeanor, eager to help you set goals and make the healthy changes that you want in your life. Along your journey, she will guide and encourage you with hope, compassion, and acceptance in a safe, trustworthy environment. She offers supportive and effective tools to help her clients express and manage emotions while learning about themselves.

Patty has extensive experience working with challenging youth in the educational system as a school counselor. She uplifts and supports them while also setting firm boundaries for acceptable behaviors. Patty understands the need to educate the youth so they can bring skills into their lives, not only currently but setting the foundation for a positive future. Patty uses breathwork, communication skills, coping skills and calming of mind and body to assist the youth. If you are having children or teens with challenges, Patty is the one for you! She also works with adults in life-coaching and is excited to continue to expand her expertise in the counseling field. 

Patty Shepard, LPCC
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