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Finding the Right Therapist

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

How do you know who is the right fit for you, your children, or your family?

How do you know who is the right fit for you, your children, or your family?
S.A.L.T. Wellness Group works with adults, youth, couples, families and groups.

ALWAYS know that you may request a clinician change at any time! There is absolutely no problem with this. The therapeutic relationship is extremely important, and research states is up to 1/3 of the success of therapy. See how important!!??

This is also a great opportunity for you to practice connecting with "Spirit" and speaking up for your Truth. There may also be other internal struggles to address, such as not wanting to disappoint your therapist, starting a new relationship with another therapist, feeling let down, and other feelings that can be focused on in your sessions. These are the opportunities for changing Self and old patterns which can truly alter your life in a very positive way!

Please don't hesitate to speak your Truth with any of our staff members, with love and compassion. We honor you and your decisions!

There may be a time when your desired therapist's caseload is full, and you will need to be put on a waitlist. In this case, you will be matched with an available clinician in the time being. You may choose to switch therapists at any time, or stay with your current therapist long-term, even when you are on the waitlist for another clinician.

If you are unsure of what clinician you prefer, even after reading therapist bios, please reach out to us. We are here to do everything we can to assist you on your journey!!

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