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Tarynn Bown, LPCC

Tarynn is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate, LPCC, pursuing her LPC. She has her MA in Counseling and Career Development from Colorado State University, specializing in Career Counseling, CCC, and is a National Certified Counselor, NCC. She uses a holistic approach to connect the mind, body, and spirit when working through challenges using a mix of mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy. Applying person-centered therapy to meet clients where they are not where they are "supposed" to be and supporting them with unconditional positive regard. She believes that individuals have the ability to achieve what they are passionate about though, it might be through new pathways not yet discovered. Working with the client's goals and challenges, she helps assist them in finding who they are beyond their passion, what they want from this stage of life, and where they want to go from this moment.


She has worked with people from a variety of ages such as kids, teens, adults, and individuals in later life. She has experience working with individuals moving into new areas of their lives whether that be career concerns, life stages, changes to their normal routine, or outgrowing current positions. 


She also has experience working with individuals who enjoy staying active; in sports, hiking, yoga, etc., and who might be struggling with injury, new teams, connection with others, and retiring from playing sports. 

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