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Heidi Lahl., MFT-C

Heidi believes that we all deserve a safe space to process our experiences, and her primary goal is to provide you that space. Heidi provides a person-centered approach that emphasizes helping her clients build self-compassion, as it is her belief that it is only from a place of self-compassion that we can feel grounded within ourselves enough to develop a compassionate relationship with others around us. Her approach is warm, down-to-earth, trauma informed, and practical, and she believes that we are all on a healing journey and she sees herself as a fellow traveler. "It will be an honor to walk by your side."

Heidi believes that deeper, sustained healing comes from exploring the root causes of suffering and untangling the patterns that keep us stuck. The process of therapy may feel difficult at moments, but it can also be filled with creativity, relief, and discovery.

Heidi takes joy in exploring and discovering pockets of freedom and resilience alongside her clients. She utilizes a trauma informed, culturally humble approach grounded in attachment, psychodynamic, and somatic approaches to healing. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and take the next step on your healing journey with Heidi.

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