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Dolores Villa, Intern

Dolores Villa is a dedicated clinician with SALT Wellness Group, where she brings her extensive expertise to help individuals and families navigate various challenges. Her therapeutic specialties include immigration and acculturation, grief and loss, life transitions, trauma, holistic approaches, and spirituality/purpose in life. Dolores is committed to providing compassionate and effective support to her clients, assisting them in managing significant life changes, healing from past traumas, and integrating mind-body-spirit practices for overall well-being.

Serving a diverse clientele, Dolores works with families, couples, individuals, and groups, tailoring her therapeutic interventions to meet the unique needs of each client demographic. She is particularly adept at guiding clients through the complexities of adapting to new cultures, coping with loss, and finding meaning and purpose in their lives. Her holistic approach ensures that all aspects of a person's life are considered in the healing and growth process, promoting comprehensive personal development.

Dolores specializes in working with unique populations such as military personnel, hospital staff, relief workers, refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers. She understands the specific mental health challenges faced by these groups and offers tailored support to help them thrive. Whether addressing the stress and emotional toll of healthcare professionals, the unique demands of military life, or the complexities of displacement and asylum processes, Dolores provides expert care to help her clients achieve resilience and well-being.


Dolores sees clients by telehealth and in-person in Colorado.

Dolores Villa, Intern
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